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Applicant Qualifications

How to Apply

Simply send an email answering a few questions.  (You can use the contact form if you prefer.)

  • Briefly describe your experience as a photographer?  (This may simply include photographing family friends, Senior Portraits, Maternity, or you photographed your best friends 4th wedding...for free.  That's how I got started ;)
  • List the equipment that you own as well as equipment that you may borrow or rent.
  • Write a short paragraph about what you would like to learn from this BootCamp.

Please call or email for questions or more information.  Cynthia 916-501-6060


This wedding photography BootCamp is intended for photographers who have a genuine desire to become wedding photography professionals.  This bootcamp is not intended for beginning photographers.  If you are interested in progressing from portrait, family or maternity photography into the fast paced fun packed, non stop, craziness of a wedding day, this course is for you.  Since we will be covering a real wedding, in real time, we will be accepting only those that are dedicated to learning and providing the bride and groom with a quality end product.  

  • Applicants must have solid experience and be able to operate equipment in manual mode comfortably.   It is best suited for those who have some experience with family or commercial photography.
  • Since this BootCamp includes photographing a real wedding, attendees will be selected through an interview process in order to ensure a quality end product for the bride and groom.
  • This BootCamp is limited to 6 participants.  Since we will be covering the wedding as a single group, applicants will be selected in order to round out style, skill level and access to professional equipment.  Where someone may lack in style or posing experience, others may be selected to make up for in equipment.
  • Qualifying skills and equipment will be evaluated appropriate to position.  Second shooters are not expected to have the experience and equipment accessibility that a 1st shooter would possess.