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Below is an outline of the BootCamp structure.  Please note, this BootCamp will move fast, very fast.  


Sat, Sep 15th (3 hours)

We will jump right in by interviewing the bride and groom.  A tremendous amount of information will be gathered in that interview that will determine how the bride and groom envision their day.  As their photographer it is your job to help them to understand what is realistic. In addition, it is your jog to be three steps ahead so that you don’t miss the moment.  

  • Interview Bride and Groom
  • Create Day of Timeline - a realistic timeline
  • Discussion and Strategy based on Wedding Day plans such as
    • Number of locations and transitions

    • Timing and lighting and how it will impact their events

    • First look, no first look, discuss the benefits and consequences of both

    • Size of Bridal party

    • Number of attendees

    • There are 100+ variables….

 Sun, Sept 16th (3 hours)

  • Wedding day Equipment & Lighting - Walk through the day and determine what lenses and lighting will be needed.  This include the settings that are most likely to yield successful results. A church that does not allow flash will require a camera body that shoots well at high ISO’s and a lens that zoom while shooting wide open.
  • Roles and Responsibilities - At any one time during the day, there many moments that need to be covered.  While the bride is putting her dress on, the grooms mom is straightening his tie.
  • The shot list  
  • “Must Have’s” - These are the shots that you do not miss...EVER!

Sat, Sep 22nd (3 hours)

Styled Shoot - Let’s get a camera in our hands.  We will shoot in the Folsom or Sacramento area, using locations that will provide realistic environment and lighting conditions.

We will focus on:

  • Working as a team
  • Communicating with bride and groom
  • Lighting, equipment and settings
  • Posing

 Sun, Sep 23rd (3 hours)

  • Discussion on Styled shoot, challenges, suggestions.
  • Review results, finish processing images from shoot

Sat, Sep 29th (3 hours)

  • On site
  • Scout wedding location.
  • Shoot to practice settings and lighting opportunities.

Sun, Sep 30th (3 hours)

  • Final meeting with couple - Could be skype
  • Equipment prep
  • Wedding day runthrough
  • Review shoot list
  • Assignments
  • Location lighting and lens thoughts and suggestions
  • Discuss plans B, C & D

Oct 5th (30 min)

  • Check-in WebCall - We will all get on a call to check in and make sure we are all set for “GoTime”!

Oct, 6th (12 hours) Wedding Day & Download

Oct, 27th (3 hours) 

  • Review Results
  • Discussion
  • What did the bride & groom pick
  • Submit for Competition