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Just the facts! If you would like to know the down and dirty details, check out my Linkedin.  

What you won’t find on my resume:

  • First, a random fact.  My height puts me in the top .0001 of women on the planet. I’m tall!  No, I don’t mean like one of those girls who at 5’9” tall puts on pumps to reach new heights.  As for the specific number, I will keep you guessing!   How does this affect my photography skills?  It doesn’t, other than I don’t need a step stool to get the most flattering angles.

  • I am an only child of two only children and have an only child...Megan, a volleyball player at SCU.

  • I have been married for 24 years to my husband Bob and have two dogs and one cat.  My oldest dog is 18 years old...and very healthy.

  • My best friend’s from high school, her mom is a Kardashian.  True story!!!

  • I am completely uncomfortable on the other side of the camera..

On a more serious note...

How would I describe my style?

  • I would consider my work a tapestry of styles inspired by other artists.  Regardless of genre (photojournalistic, traditional, editorial, etc), I look for work that speaks to me and try to recreate my own version.   I make an effort not to create images that are too trendy.  I want the timestamp of the moment reflected in the subjects themselves, their clothing, hair, etc.

What do I like about weddings?

  • Most would answer, "because I love being part of their special day..., the beginning of their beginning...bla bla bla."  Of course, who doesn't want to be the photographer selected to photograph one of the most significant days in a couple's life?  But I love to shoot weddings because if fits my skill set and personality.  I never imagined that all my years of sports and coaching would be so closely aligned with wedding photography.  Stay with me here...  As a coach/athlete, you practice and prepare...for everything.  On game day, you put your uniform and game face on.  When the clock starts, it's go time.  You set your plan into effect but when things don't go as planned (say, makeup is an hour behind), you go with plan B, sometimes C,D,E or F.  Just make it work! There are no take backs!  Photographing a wedding is high pressure, and I love it!