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Wedding BootCamp Intro

Wedding photography is not only about mastering your equipment and how it interacts with the light.  It is about developing a relationship of trust with your bride and groom. It is about seeing without being seen. It's’ about capturing all of the detail and emotion of the day’s events.  It is about delivering your customers with a final product that tells the story of their day from start to finish.

...But there is more.  it is also about problem solving in real time.  The day will not stop or slow while the photographer figures out lighting, equipment or perhaps who has the rings.  If something can go wrong, it will. Cards fail, batteries die, bodies lock, entire wedding parties get lost in transition.  There are no take backs on a wedding day. Wedding photography is a team sport, and requires intensive preparation with backup plans A, B & C.

This BootCamp will move fast and provide an intensive hands on, detail oriented program for those needing to gain experience and build a portfolio of wedding photography.  We will start by interviewing the bride and groom and conclude by presenting them with their final product.  It will include instruction from start to finish of the wedding photography process and delivery, (acquiring the business to providing end product to the bride and groom).   


  • Shoot a real wedding - 8-10 hours wedding day experience
  • Styled shoot - 2 hours
  • On location rehearsal shooting for light - 2 hours
  • Minimum 10 Hours group instruction/discussion
  • Posing instruction
  • 1st shooter responsibilities & training
  • 2nd shooter responsibilities & training
  • “Don’t miss this…”
  • Solving the most common lighting challenges in real time
  • Post processing and delivery
  • BootCamp Finale Print Competition

BootCamp Size:

This event is designed to accommodate three 1st shooters and three 2nd shooters.  They will work together as a team. First shooter will be assigned to covering the wedding as a 1st shooter and will include 1st shooter responsibilities and priorities.   Seconds shooters will be assigned to coordinate with 1st shooters and be assigned to 2nd shooter responsibilities.


  • 1st Shooters  $1299 before July 1st,   $1,499 after July 1st
  • 2nd Shooters $999 before July 1st,    $1,299 after July 1st

What is not included:

  • Equipment - Applicants are expected to own or have access to semi professional level bodies and lenses.  Applicants expected to operate in manual mode very comfortably. That being said, I have enough equipment to outfit 3 photographers if necessary.
  • Style - Your style is your own.  We will discuss style, but this class is more about preparation, process, practice and delivery of  your final product to your client and your portfolio.
  • Computer or Software - Images will be reviewed and edited in class using Adobe Lightroom.  However attendees are welcome to use any editing software they are comfortable using. Some Photoshop may be used in final production.